Basel House

An Art Basel Project redesigning how homes are built

For more Years that I can count, I have wanted to build my own house. At first it was just a thought that was fun to toy around with. But for the last several it was actually something I had hoped to get to actually do.

Then an interesting alignment happened. At the Bushwick open studio event I met a gallery owner from Miami. In our discussion of my work he expressed how the Art Basel crowd would respond so well to my work.

For those who do not know, Art Basel in Miami is one of the biggest art events in the contemporary art world. Miami's event covers artists from North and South America. But with my money all tied up in the TV pilot, there was no way I could afford to do a one man show there and promote it properly. And then the magical connection. Build my house there! Now that just might find the funding.

And so Basel House was born. It is the first house I will build in the same manner as I do furniture and lighting. Found objects become a home. This, of course, involves the use of much larger parts but I settled on the material pretty quickly. Aircraft. I am going to use retired aircraft for the house. Though other materials will be part of it, after all it is a whole real functioning home, but aircraft is the main inspiring element.

First were some really rough sketches to just begin to consider what my approach might be. Then went on to use models all at a specific scale so I could begin to consider how this material (retired aircraft) could be used.

This project is rolling forward at an amazing rate and the team assembling to make it happen as well as the beginnings of the financing are all aligning too. It really is a dream come true. And it really is amazing. I will keep posting as it all develops. Both ups and downs. the roller coaster is flying down the tracks!

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