Brooklyn, Kings County

Dumbo to Red Hook, Park Slope to Coney Island

When I was in Rio, I mentioned to someone that I was from New York City. Excitement ensued. But when I said I was specifically from Brooklyn, there was a pause and then the reply, “Oh Wow! Its dangerous there!”

Too many people still have this impression and its wrong. Brooklyn is fast becoming the cultural center of the living arts in New York City. For me the term "living arts" refers to the artists and the space and time where creation and experimentation is happening. Museums are great, but they are often just grand display rooms. Brooklyn is where the "living arts" are for everything. Even experimentation in areas of food and businesses can be found exploding here.

The culture of this awesome place is still effected by things as old as the Brooklyn Dodgers, Grrrrrr, which still stirs many Brooklynites with frustration. There is hope that those old sport related wounds might mend a little now with the Barclay Center and the Brooklyn Nets, the first sports team in over 50 years. There is also Coney Island, the predecessor to ALL amusement parks everywhere. And though you might think it is old and lost its glory, it has developed its own very distinct counter-culture revolving passionately around the main establishments that have held strong there like Paul's Daughter, Ruby's and the Freak Show. Of course a ride on The Cyclone is necessary and slamming down a dog from Nathans goes without saying!

If that counter culture is not to your liking, then maybe you can find something a bit more upscale for your taste. The Brooklyn Museum of Art is an amazing place to see some very interesting art. Their contemporary exhibits are always interesting and pack surprises and don't miss the third largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the world! YES! Right here in Brooklyn! AND their design wing has entire homes that have been broken down and reassembled and lots of wonderfully designed items from over the years.

Additionally The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has long been an establishment that pushes the edge of performance and music. They have long drawn performers and audiences from around the world. And now only blocks away from BAM is the new Barclays Center. Check out their roster of concerts. Everything from Barbra Streisand to Lady Gaga or Jay-Z.

This season we will touch on all of those things, but our focus will always remain sustainability. Business people, designers, restaurants and anything else that makes this a place on the planet trying to do better at treading lightly on this planet we live on.

And projects, projects, projects! I will be empowering you from this amazing place on Earth to do for yourself, creating your own world, your own way.