Special Thanks

The magic happens because I follow my heart and the materials & people I have access to.

I could never have done this alone.

Heres to those special people who helped make all this happen.

refittingtheplanet- TV pilot
Rodney Allen Trice - creator, executive producer, host
Joe DeShano - producer, editor
Eric Vogel - director of photography
Rebecca Karamehmedovic - production manager
Dan Bricker - sound mixer
Gisella Baque - content contributor
Danii Oliver - social media & web developer
Christopher Leeper - Rodney’s Assistant
David Ohana - Composer of Rodney’s Theme

also appearing
David Bergman, Constance Faulk, Adrian Fidalgo Ggrippo, Wendy Hope, Sean Jeffers, Elgie JohnsonAlan Karamehmedovic, Will Kurtz, Alvaro Luna, Leonardo Toro, Eddie Villegas, Emanuel Xavier

Lori & Tony Caruso, Harriet E. Trice

special sponsors
Edward Foster

special thanks to
Nancy Adams, Nicole Adams, Allison Black, Katherine Jane Perkins-Black, Stephen Cena, Ivette Cortez Tara Cox, Debbie Davies, Marc Einsele, Chris Gangi, Jim Gladstone Phil Harrold, Stephanie Holley, Wendy Hope, Carli Kurby, Patricia McGinty-Boyles, Jacklyn Monk, Rashida Morgan-Brown, Kenneth Nilson, Debra Pae-Robey, Nina Hammerling-Smith, Lori Seto Illene Strizver, Michael Tober, Leonardo Toro, Ramona Vicenty Stephen Wilder, Tracey Woods, Emanuel Xavier

Well it was a lot of bungling and stumbling and breaking things but ultimately 20 years later I am the guy who everyone goes to with this kind of work. Upcycling is the industry term but I much prefer REFITTING. its more accurate and truly what I feel like I am doing. And now I even teach classes. applieddeconstruction101.com It's just grown and grown and I am looking at doing a craft book that I can sell here on Etsy when it is done. I am also going to do PDF project instructions right here on Etsy too (as soon as I can get to them). Everything is so exciting right now! So good to be finding my way and inspiration all around in some of the most ordinary objects!
And recently I just got a mention in a book in Korea! YAY!