Students in one of my classes

Its amazing the stuff these “kids” come up with! lol

These classes have turned out to be a lot of fun!

"Always take a minute and watch, observe, consider carefully what the material or item naturally fits into or "wants to become" THAT is the main idea, the best vision I could teach you." "If I manage to do that, then my class is a giant success."

"Materials will always dictate the best outcome."

"What do you see in this object?" "What is it that you see translating into something new from this object?" "What are its principles?" "Is it transparent, does light change through it?" "Does it lend itself to much bending or molding, transforming, or is it something that really needs to be used in the very state we acquired it in?" "The first step, REALLY get to know your object before you start anything."

"Simplicity." "Always remember simplicity." "It is in the simplest solutions that the most wonderful ideas come out."

"Consider what light is? How it changes or effects the room this lamp will be placed in."

"No, Im teaching design first and foremost,, its YOUR job to decide what this thing should be recreated into." "Im just here to chaperone the transformation."

"Very interesting and completely different than the work I personally do with this tree branch creating the ceiling fixtures primary material and foundation."

"Another real different take on what I usually create. A character based wall lamp. FUN!"

"When a student tells me how much I have inspired them, not just regarding the project completed in class but with everything the see now, WOW, can teaching get any better than that?" "I think not."

"Ironing out the details here will help with the overall clean and clearly defined vision for your project." "I agree with Charles Eames, so much really does ride in the details. They really do make the design."