Basel House

An Art Basel Project redesigning how homes are built

As I embark on this HUGE project, Basel House, I find this quote to be so deeply true. I WILL effect or change the way homes are seen and the way they interact with the planet and our lives. I WILL.

I am, however, not a man with the whole picture of what is required to do that… but I WILL do it. I will because it is my dream. It is what I have to do. It was written in my DNA. The facts are just the obstacle course that I have to get through to actuate the dream inside me.



Everything we do...

…effects everything around us.

We need to be aware of our consumption and the things we do. Im not perfect by any means. Like the rest of you, I walk the world of disposable everything and try to make little choices, one by one that are better for me and the world I live in. But honestly, all the little plastic things in our lives, all the objects that look like candy. I mean plastic does look like candy so often. But it is not benign. Its not. We need to really get a grip. Im going to try harder.