Rodney Trice, Time Style and Design




Rodney has been a pioneer in the refitting (upcycling) movement for more than two decades. Refining the transition of the shapes and forms of an object, taking it from one purpose to another, and learning how the materials age and react to manipulation is a process that continues to excite and inspire him.

After moving from a small town just outside of the industrial environment of Pittsburgh to New York City in 1988, sparks of inspiration began to inform Trice’s creations. Those sparks have now manifested into an ever-expanding body of work and the formation of his “refitting” business: t.o.m.t. (The Other Man’s Treasures). The legendary furniture designer Vladimir Kagan has called Trice’s work “brilliant,” and described it as “the most extensive and useful collection of repurposed housewares that we have seen to date.” When Trice and his work were highlighted in Time magazine’s “Green Design 100 List,” his growing acclaim helped launch a television pilot, which has just been finished, and his first series of classes, held in his Bushwick studio.

Next on the drawing board for Trice is realizing his desire to build a house from ground up. Not a renovation, this would be a new build that uses materials in much the same way as his furniture designs do. In June of 2013, a Miami-based gallery owner visited Trice’s studio and suggested he’d do well in Miami’s Art Basel. This encouragement inspired Trice to plan a one-man show at that world-famous, international art exposition. The time to build a house is now.